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More transparency

We have booked Ramada, Agra for 31st December-1st Jan using Goibibo app. When we reached the hotel for check-in the manager informed us that there is a "Mandatory" new year meal for which we have to pay (4500+28% taxes per head, which means extra 10,000 Rs. for both of us). They said it was mentioned in the ibibo app while booking. However, during the payment no such information was given to us. When we called the ibibo customer support they said it is mentioned in hotel policy tab. When we checked we found that it is written in small captions in hotel policy "mandatory new year gala dinner".

Truthfully speaking, it was like mutual fund disclaimer which they give in fast forward "Mutual fund are subjected to market risk". There was no other information given about the mandatory expenses and we felt totally cheated.

I would suggest that ibibo SHOULD include more transparency. If there are any MANDATORY expenses, they should inform in advance at the PAYMENT tab rather than hiding the details in some 'hotel policy section'. This is equivalent to fooling the customer. 

In addition, since we reached the hotel and it was already past 10:00 am, the ibibo team told us that they cannot issue in refund. We're really disappointed in ibibo and in future we will hesitate in doing any reservation using ibibo. 

 I have checked personally on goibibo for hotel booking agra..and found in review Mr. Pranav Anand the suspicious person given 4/5 ranking to almost all hotels..even this fellow has uploaded a photos of every hotels in guest image section. It's completely fraudulent case by goibibo. I think the whole website is full of fraud.

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All photos covered by Pranav Anand and awarded a rating of 4 were done by a Goibibo Expert under its Hotel Verification Project. This project was initiated to verify if the hotel looks exactly the same as the photos visible on our front end. All the reviews posted by Pranav Anand and other Goibibo experts are indeed genuine as they have personally visited the hotel and captured these photos.

Tour operator Taxes and Fees: 


Would like to know the break up for the header: Tour operator Taxes and Fees in the billing.


email ID: dsainadh@gmail.com


Sainadh D

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